Conference Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday

You can find the corresponding meeting room in the
maps of the conference venue.

Monday, 14:00 - 17:45: Tutorials

F├╝rstenfelder 2/3 Stadtsaal Kleiner Saal Seminarraum S1
Tutorial 1:
Introduction to M&S, and Optimization with Modelica using OpenModelica
Tutorial 2:
Mathematical Aspects of Modeling and Simulation with Modelica
Tutorial 3:
Synchronous Controllers and State Machines in Modelica 3.3
Tutorial 4:
Vehicle Dynamics Library Tutorial
Säulensaal F├╝rstenfelder 4 Seminarraum S5 Seminarraum S6
Tutorial 5:
Dynamic Optimization and FMI Simulation with
Tutorial 6:
Advanced Analysis of Modelica Models using MapleSim and Maple
Tutorial 7:
Code-Export in SimulationX - Steps from offline model to real-time platform
Tutorial 8:
Creating new tools for Modelica using the Modelica SDK

Monday, 17:50 - 18:20: Opening Concert

Opening Concert by
Abo Sax Quartet

Monday, 18:20 - 21:00: Welcome Reception

Dinner Buffett